Scientific Publications

2022: The Demise of Mesopotamia: The Geopolitics of Water: The Desertification of Iraq

2019: Assessing Risks Related to DU Contamination in Iraq : Part 1

2019: Assessing Risks Related to DU Contamination in Iraq : Part 2

2019: Presentation: DU Contamination in Iraq for 28 years

2017: Depleted Uranium Radioactive Contamination In Iraq: An Overview

2016: The Deterioration of Environmental and Life Quality Parameters in Iraq since the 2003 American Occupation

2009: Health Risks Related to Depleted Uranium Contamination in Iraq

2004: Electromechanical Removal & Recovery of Chromate from Electroplating Wastewater

2003: Environmental Pollution Resulting from the Use of DU in Iraq

2002: DU Weaponry Pollution In Nineveh City During 1991 War

2002: Development of Water Quality Index System Using Artificial Intelligence

2002: Solidification of Hazardous Waste Using Bituminous Materials

2002: Water supply disinfection System Using Solar Energy for Rural Areas

2001: Environmental Consequences Resulting from the Use of DU Weapons on Soil and Air at Selected Areas in Al Basrah Governorate

2001: Environmental Consequences Resulting from the Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons on Water at Selected Areas in al-Basrah Governorate

2001: Removal of Phenol from Water and Wastewater by Chemical Precipitation with Lime

2001: Finite Element Model to Simulate Hydrodynamics of Shatt Al Basrah Canal

2002: Removal of Synthetic Organic Pollutants from Wastewater Effluents…

1998: Solidification of Waste Containing Heavy Metals

1997: A Computer Model for the Design of a Leachate Collection System in a Landfill

1997: Leachate Composition from Solidified Industrial Hazardous Waste

1997: Treatment of Metal Finishing Waste Water by Chemical Precipitation

1995: Wastewater Treatment System Using Overland Flow

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